Women’s Health After 40

SeaEssense for menopause!

So lets be frank.  As women age, especially after your forties, things start to change.

Your metabolism slows.  You feel less energetic. Your hair starts to thin.  Your skin starts to thin too, and the wrinkles start appearing.  You don’t feel like yourself and you feel irritable.  Unfortunately, there is no “fountain of youth”.  We can’t turn back the hands of time.

BUT.. there are some things we can do to lessen the signs of aging.


Nutrients are key to good health as you age!Nutrients play a large role in health and how our bodies perform and look. SeaEssense contains 56 elements that are crucial for health.  Certain species of seaweed (brown seaweeds) are now being called the “superfood” of the sea!

It’s important to note that while 55% of women in the United States suffer hot flashes during menopause, only 7% of Japanese experience hot flashes.


For a long time, this was thought to be due to soy in the typical Japanese diet.  But now, researchers believe the real dietary difference is seaweed!  The Japanese diet is very rich in seaweed, from miso soup to many other traditional foods that contain seaweed.


As an added bonus, the natural fucoidan that is plentiful in brown seaweeds has been the subject of human studies showing breast health benefits for post-menopausal women!


Many women do not get enough iodine, which is critical for thyroid function.  Metabolism is greatly influenced by thyroid function, which can slow down as you age. One serving of SeaEssense gives you the daily requirement for iodine, in a natural form that metabolizes slower through the body than iodized table salt.


SeaEssense is also rich in antioxidants that can boost skin elasticity, promote collagen, reduce cellulite, and keep skin looking young and toned. [1]


The magnesium in SeaEssense can calm cramps and help with relaxation.  Studies have also linked low magnesium levels with migraines.  SeaEssense provides magnesium to your diet without taking pills! [2]


SeaEssense is high in Beta-carotene, known for it’s ability to promote eye health.


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