SeaEssense Health Benefits

SeaEssense has 93 bio-available nutrients for your health!SeaEssense provides a natural source of iodine for thyroid health, has fiber to aid digestion, and is a great natural source of potassium!

For skin health,  studies have cited the ability of F. vesiculosus used in SeaEssense to stimulate collagen production by an astounding 228% (compared to retinol at 190%), improving skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

SeaEssense is certified organic and passes strict quality assurance.  This includes testing for botanical identity, chemicals, heavy metals and microbiological contaminants.

It is very important to know the source of your seaweed!  SeaEssense  is harvested in the North Atlantic.  There is concern with seaweed harvested in the Pacific,  since the Fukushima nuclear  disaster.

SeaEssense contains beneficial nutrients:
Iodine: Promotes ideal thyroid health. The thyroid influences body metabolism, temperature, and heart and brain functions.

Fucoidan: Fucoidans contain immuno-stimulant, anti-viral and anti-cancer benefits. Studies on the effectiveness of seaweed in the diet on cancers have demonstrated a decrease in the formation of cancer-promoting human hormones, including estrogen, as well as the capability to interfere with the expansion of malignant cancer cells .

Fiber:  SeaEssense promotes digestive health and is higher in fiber than equal portions of plant based food.
Calcium: SeaEssense is an excellent source of calcium for teeth and bones, containing more than milk, flax seeds, spirulina or sunflower seeds.
Protein:  SeaEssense is a great source of protein, comparable to pine nuts, and helps maintain muscle and bone health.
Iron:  One serving of SeaEssense contains twice as much iron as flax seeds, chia seeds or sunflowers.  Iron helps fight fatigue and retain and use oxygen.
Potassium: One serving of SeaEssense contains 4-8% of the daily recommended intake of potassium, needed for blood pressure and cardiovascular health.
Magnesium: Necessary for  healthy nervous system functions and prevention of leg cramps, magnesium is also thought to be necessary for prevention of migraine headaches.
B Vitamins: SeaEssense contains essential B vitamins and Biotin, necessary for skin, hair and nail health.
Sodium: SeaEssense contains less than 85% of the sodium found in salt, in the proper balance for the body.  In addition, iodized salts typically included in the diet contain iodine that is eliminated quickly, while the iodine in seaweed is slowly metabolized by the body.